giovedì 10 settembre 2009


BUY AT 0,555 (not higher)!!!

Stop Loss at 0,48
Take profit at 0,72.

BUY SMALL SIZE BECAUSE IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO SELL (illiquid stock) . Increase the position only if the price will go higher then 0,575.

UNICREDIT SELL SHORT AT 2,585 (not lower!!!) STOP LOSS AT 2,635 take profit at 2,41
The big money sold some calls....for september. The bank should remain weak for the next 7 days. Polish gov. bonds should help!

6 commenti:

  1. hello Paolo, will be possibyle that someone look at your price? gemina make minimum at 0,556!!! I can't go short on stocks(unicredit) can you tell me if i can buy another strument, like put? Please , if you have time, tell me, because i want go short on unicredit, but i don't know if i have to buy a call or a put, and which one!!!:-( Bye

  2. Good Morning. today Morgan Stanley say TP Unicredit at 2,85. Before this notice I sell short as your indications. Do you think to keep this position or do you think to close? Thank you very much

  3. Paolo said "...The big money SOLD some calls...". Which means you shouldn't BUY calls because in most cases the big money wins!

  4. Hi Paolo,
    I've gone short on Unicredit. Do you think it's better to go overnight or close this afternoon?


  5. Is Piaggio still a buy today ?
    Right now is pricing at 1.504, below your buying price at 1.51.

  6. is unicredit short still a good idea, after MS 2,85?